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General Isamuu ==> Deal with a Soldier


[04:30] — muzzledMarksman [MM] there’s a stern, but respectful knock at the general’s door. it rings through the deserted halls outside; soldiers only ventured these corridors when the situation was most dire. —


[04:31] — muzzledMarksman [MM] the voice on the other side of the door is muffled, infuriated, and from the sound of it, whoever it belonged to was at the end of their rope. —

[04:34] — surlyHarbringer [SH] the decorated older General looms over his desk, disgruntled expression on his face, prying through files and files of soldiers. Mindless work of numbers and names he dare not forget. Some names seem to stand out more than others, however. —

[04:34] — surlyHarbringer [SH] the sharp knock brings him to attention to face the door, and with a heaving, heavy sigh, he obliges. —

[04:35] SH: Door’s open.

[04:39] — muzzledMarksman [MM] in through the door, a darkly teal-faced lieutenant storms in. he’s not alone; clenched in his right fist is the scruff of a soldier’s uniform. the young blueblood who’s wearing it doesn’t look at all impressed or even humbled by his surroundings. he’s wearing a heavy scowl, clearly not attending of his own free will. —


[04:43] — muzzledMarksman [MM] the blueblood’s eyes float over the elaborate decor of the office before focusing on Isamuu, from the corners of his eye. —

[04:46] — surlyHarbringer [SH] the sneer on the older cerulean blooded General’s face doesn’t go anywhere. Immediately he didnn’t like the look of this youngster. His trained eyes scanned his form with silent scrutiny. He drops the files back down on his desk, letting his vision dart back downwards. Not to give the pup too much attention. —

[04:47] — surlyHarbringer [SH] he addresses the officer that brought him in, instead of the soldier himself. —

[04:47] SH: What seems to be the issue here, that would make you starve him and work him to death?

[04:48] — surlyHarbringer [SH] now his eyes are trained on the officer, still staring down the bridge of his nose —

[04:49] — muzzledMarksman [MM] “THIS IS THE EIGHTH FATALITY THIS PERIGEE! I’ve lost EIGHT MEN to this INSOLENT WORM…” —

[04:49] MM: “Nine.”

[04:50] — surlyHarbringer [SH] kinda squints at the soldier. —

[04:51] — muzzledMarksman [MM] the older soldier jerks his head straight at the pup held in his fist, scowling so hard he looks like he could spontaneously combust. —

[04:52] — muzzledMarksman [MM] but the younger blueblood just averts his stare, shrugging lightly. —

[04:52] MM: It was nine, sir.

[04:53] — muzzledMarksman [MM] the other troll give his subordinate a violent shake, curling his lip in vivid frustration. —

[04:54] SH: Nine.

[04:55] — surlyHarbringer [SH] his rough voice neither growled nor purred, stating the number flatly but with an obvious tone of impassiveness. His squinting stare relaxes a bit as he turns his head completely to face the soldier in question. —

[04:56] — surlyHarbringer [SH] casually, he slowly makes his way around to the front of his desk, eyes fixed on him. —

[04:56] SH: What’s your name, soldier?

[04:58] — muzzledMarksman [MM] he feels the general’s stare, but does not reciprocate it. instead, his eyes stay distant, uninterested; while one corner of his mouth curls into the beginnings of a smirk. —

[04:59] MM: Serkan, general Isamuu.

[04:59] MM: Orwell Serkan.

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