>Tilt your head, angling your long pointed ear into his whispers.


>Oh my~


Iske you am a filthy boy.

>Bat him away from you playfully. 

Whats you doing saying these things out here when anybody can sees us? Please.

lets them hear it

it is not changing what i am feeling

what ams they goings to do, crys about it?


> Carry her back into your room and plop her down on your big bed. You intended to do exactly as you described.





>Ehehe what a romantic mate you had. You needed this, you were still mad about that little rabbit and his beefy goon insulting you earlier.

Oh my, Iske please what am this all being about?

it is being about nothing~

i was actually haves a naughty dream abouts you, where i -

> Lean into her pretty ear and whisper all the disgustingly lewd details of your said dream. Some of your words come out as a low growl against her skin.

> When you’ve finished your tale you decide to just pick her up, bridal style, and carry her off to your room. 

yuh ands now im going to makes you live through it~





Ya Iske I ams right here, what is it?

>take a step closer.

> Grab her and dip her and kiss her roughly on her pretty painted lips. Don’t even give her enough time to react. Just really fucking amp it up and take her breath away.

> Continue to hold her there as you pull from her lips and just grin down at her.





ya, hi baby~

Linorm comes here….

i think iskes eyebrows are the most important thing ive ever drawn